Point of Sale, ordering, payments, advertising and entertainment all-in-one.

better ordering

A Brand.
New World.

Welcome brands to the table

Multi Touch tables present advertisers a new way to stand out in the crowd. Our interactive marketing medium drives consumer behavior at the point of purchase - an immersive and engaging platform that brings your brand’s voice to the next level.

Advertise your business to the nightlife consumer

Feature rich videos

Achieve maximum exposure and drive awareness with high definition video content that plays while the table is on standby mode and the party is alive.

Branded menus

Captivate consumers and promote your products at the point of purchase through beautiful menu designs. Perfect for sampling new products and driving brand awareness. You engage, sell and track the results.

Games and digital advertising

The Smart Nightlife Company development team work with brands to bring ideas to the table. Games, questionnaires and surveys are a unique and non-intrusive way to connect to your target audience. We can target audiences by the types of products they purchase, age and gender.

Whether you operate a chic cocktail lounge, a nightlife club or casino, get in touch with us to learn how Interactive Touch Screen Tables generate higher revenues and reduce your labor costs through the latest innovation in nightlife technology.

wallet integration

Optimized Ordering

We work with you to bring to life custom menu designs and interactions that give your menu more selling power. Upsell your guests through recommendations and real-time offers that they can order in one tap. Having built an entire ecosystem allows us to deliver the best consumer experience. Guests can split and combine orders with quick swipe gestures and then and pay directly with the Drinktopia App.

and much more

Durable, Water resistant

Engineered to endure the harsh environment of the hospitality and nightlife industry.

42”, 4K display

Show off your cocktails and food with mouthwatering images and videos.


Everybody at the table can play and order at the same time. 50 touch points and 10ms response time delivers a seamless user experience.


Guests view their Drinktopia App account profile information on the table and can accrue and redeem rewards in real-time.

Order and pay

Guests can browse an interactive menu, order and pay using Drinktopia.


The sleek, slim and sophisticated exterior can be framed into the furniture of your choice to match the look and feel of the environment of your venue.

Guest Feedback

Survey your guests at anytime to collect valuable insights into customer satisfaction, and server performance.

Flexible Outfitting Options

Whether you want to outfit a VIP area with a few tables or your entire venue with a interactive table network, you will instantly see the benefits of immersive digital ordering.

Custom development

Have an idea to bring to the table? Our designers and developers work with you to bring it to life.